It Can Happen!

So, I have so much stuff in my head that I can’t wait to write about. This has to be first though. See that picture down there? Looks like a confusing, hoarding, pile of chaos doesn’t it? Let me explain…..IMG_1464

Picture this – Christmas day. Football game. 2 small overly-excited kids. $60 worth of food. 2 bags of cotton candy. 2 slushies. A few bottles of water. 2 kid jackets and throw in a couple of terrible towels because, Goooo Steelers even though I can’t get up to twirl around my towel! You know why I can’t get up? Because I’m a mom! Mama, mommy, mom, mom, mom! Guess what? Never wanted anything more than to be a mom. I knew I had to take this picture, as over half of the stuff I listed a few sentences up was all piled into my lap. Back in the day when we were season ticket holders (before kids) you know what I had in my hands? Those tall unattractive, but ohhhh I want one plastic margarita glasses! You know the one that is as tall as your whole upper torso? Oh yeah, I’m not even really a drinker, so why I would get one is beyond me. This picture though, represents my first time back at a game since becoming a mom. I dreamed for these days!

There was a time I thought this picture would never be. I would never have my dream of being a mom come to reality. As the blog goes on, I hope to share my journey to motherhood more in depth. For now, know that I went through infertility, IVF, a misacarriage of twin girls, a frozen embryo transfer, another miscarriage, a couple of adoption situations that weren’t meant to be, to holding my perfectly, perfect daughter through an open adoption, to then being surprised with a pregnancy of my own that the doctors still can’t explain, that led to being blessed with another perfectly, perfect daughter. Run on sentences….yeah I hate them to, but I had to get all of that out of the way!

Parenthood! It can happen, it will happen. Just don’t give up! I tried to give up. I yearned  to be a mommy and when it wasn’t happening the way I planned, the pain was too much to handle. I get it. I walked that road. You are not alone.

Look at that confusing, hoarding, pile of chaos picture again! Your chaotic day is coming. Just don’t give up. God has got you!

Oh yeah, it helps if you root for the Steelers too đŸ˜‰


First Blog Post

First blog post…….YES, but I’ve been here before! As you can see, I left the title that comes with the new blog world. I’ve blogged before, years before it was cool, but it’s sadly lost out in the big internet somewhere. So here I am back at it. It’s actually something I’ve wanted to do for a while, but my kids spilt water on my laptop about 2 years ago and so my buttons haven’t worked. Do you see where this blog is headed?? My life….real life. So I’m just going to break down some reasons I’m blogging. Hope you read them and decide to stick around for more.

  1. To leave a legacy for my children. (How awesome for them to read this one day when I’m long and gone. Love you girls!)
  2. To vent and share! (Yep, our life is crazy! I always say we’d make a good reality tv show. We could be millionaires! For real!)
  3. To support. (We have been through infertility and adoption. I needed support through it and hope our story may give that to someone else.)
  4. We HOMESCHOOL……(There I said it! Why are people still so judgy about this? We love it and my blog will definitely include our homeschool journey.)

Ok so there you have it folks! Join me as I take you into a closer look into the Langtown world, won’t you?